Nicole Lee is an international company based in Los Angeles, California.


    Its first launch was in 2004 by the Nicole Group headed by Samuel Lee who founded “NICOLE HANDBAG” with the firm conviction of offering handbags with high quality materials and elaborate workmanship

    In 2006, Suzy Han, the outstanding and talented designer joined the company taking it to the next level. Suzy added the surname “LEE” to honor her maiden name, integrating her ancestral roots in her art. That's how Nicole Lee brand was born

    Nicole Lee quickly became mainstream in fashion gaining recognition from the editor of Handbag 101 Pro’s magazine. Its creativity, originality, functionality and avant-garde, has positioned Nicole Lee as an international brand. Its unique designs and quality products are widely recognized in the world of fashion.

    ”We believe that fashion should be fun and refreshing.”

    Samuel Lee CEO

    Samuel and Suzy, are the creative minds leading Nicole Lee Group: Samuel is responsible for management, operation and strategic aspects of the company, while Suzy, along with her team of designers, empower the products with a unique style, taking all her passion for fashion to each of the bags and products, inspired by the beautiful European landscapes, the intense lifestyle of New York and the casual fashion of Los Angeles. This is how high quality, modern handbags, for women who love the extravagant and appreciate fashion, are created.

    Nicole Lee is present in more than 30 countries. Its prestige has been recognized in cities such as London, Paris, Tokyo, Milan, Rome and Madrid, known for its passion for fashion.

    With so many brands around the world, only a few touch the hearts of their customers. In Nicole Lee, we seek not only to create products that already exist in the market, but we constantly seek through originality, to create products that can make a connection with our clients and go along with them at all times. Through products of excellent quality and design we want to be part of your life, from your daily activities, to all of your special moments.



    Our eccentricities are strong, and we always choose designs that stand out. Suzy's multicultural experience, her childhood in Seoul and Buenos Aires, as well as her current home in Los Angeles, add color and character to her designs. Even with all the successes they have had, Samuel and Suzy always remain humble. They are an excellent example of leadership both inside and outside the company, both for their level of innovation and for their values and integrity as people. Thanks to the growing demand for the brand's products, the company is constantly growing making its products accessible in more cities and countries.




    To be the world leader in the fashion accessory industry, being part of every woman’s life, touching their hearts through innovative, modern products characterized by their high quality, making them feel unique and different.


    Create trends that transform into wonderful and innovative products for women, through a creative and qualified team, always honoring the individual values and the identity of our clients, employees and business partners.


    · Integrity
    · Innovation
    · Originality
    · Humility