Fashion & Flat Whites: Sandee Rain

Sandee looking fabulous in this cute, soft, and comfortable outfit of the day. Loving all the layering and accessories that really elevate this look!

How would you describe your style?

Classy, edgy, but always comfy!

How long have you been interested in fashion, and what inspired your interest? 

Since I was a little kid, I drew dress designs in the shape of power line towers! I collected fashion magazines, and made collages to post on my bedroom walls. I also worked for major fashion retailers, such as Macy's, The Limited, The Gap, Geoffrey Beene, Victoria's Secret, Levi's.

I love learning about how others express their style, and sharing mine in a safe platform.
— Sandee, on the impact of using Mys Tyler

What's your profession, and how does what you wear impact your profession?

I own an online clothing boutique named Sandee Rain Boutique, and this drives what I wear and buy for customers. I am the main model to show how clothing fits, and we are truly size inclusive. If I don't love what I am wearing or buying, no one else will!

Can you tell us about your journey to body confidence?

I am a breast cancer thriver, which left me misshapen, with scars, nerve pain, and extra weight. I had to accept all of myself to be confident and to be the daily face of my brand. I am a mom of two girls and it's important for me to model self-acceptance and confidence so they do, too.

Sandee is pictured above in a beautiful, navy blue, boho sundress, which can be found at Sandee Rain Boutique!

How did you find out about Mys Tyler? 

Instagram in February 2022! I am from a tech background and the idea of a global app for women to share fashion and style looked amazing, especially as a boutique owner. 

How has using Mys Tyler impacted you?

I have met some amazing women since I joined in February 2022 as a Contributor. I also shared the app with my entire clientele! I love learning about how others express their style, and sharing mine in a safe platform. I now have over 7500 followers, wow!

What’s your favorite fashion hack?

I am almost famous for using the French Tuck daily in most of my outfits.

What's the perfect formula for a feel-good outfit?

Comfy + Soft + Color + French Tuck (haha) = Feel-good outfit

What do you hope the future of fashion will look like?

I would like the industry to relax and not be so serious or expensive, so everyone can belong. Real people in inclusive sizing; we are heading there with custom, made-to-order designs, which are featured prominently in my boutique.

How amazing are these pink and white palazzo pants?! Another great find from Sandee Rain Boutique!

Sandee is one of Mys Tyler’s Contributors, inspiring women across the world with her comfy and classic style. You can follow Sandee on Mys Tyler to be inspired below!